Negotiating Custody

If you are think you need help to negotiate Custody, now called living with and spending time with, you should consider mediation with a Registered Family Dispute Practitioner (FDRP).  You will find a list of FDRPs on the Attorney General’s Website.  Family Relationship Centres (FRC) also offer mediation as does the Legal Aid Commissions (LAC).

You must have mediation with an FDRP before you commence Court proceedings, so why not try it sooner rather than later.

It will assist you to negotiate an agreement at mediation if you have all of the information you need before you attend including; financial e.g. what issues do you need to consider relating to Centre Link and/or Child Support?  What are the legal issues you need to be aware of?

Centre Link and the Child Support Agency websites and are very informative.

Most FRCs will not allow your lawyer to attend mediation, NSW LAC encourages parents to have lawyers attend and most private FDRPs will mediate with the lawyers attending with their clients.  It is more likely that you will get a good final agreement if lawyers do attend.  If you decide to do mediation with a private FDRP you will save a lot of time, but short term, it will cost you more than the FRC or LAC.