Property Development

When it comes to dealing with local government, whether you want to do a residential or commercial subdivision, build a shopping centre, a home unit complex or simply put an extension on the family home, Lopich Lawyers can help you.

We have acted for local government councils for many years and understand the culture. Lorraine Lopich spent a number of years as an elected representative and chair of Snowy River Shire Council’s Planning & Development Committee.

The firm has also acted for a number of developers in relation to large residential and industrial subdivisions. We work closely with other professionals such as planning consultants, architects, surveyors and others to ensure that our clients receive the best advice, encounter the fewest obstacles and achieve good completion times for their projects.

We understand both the legal environment and the political dynamic within which councils make their decisions, carry out their functions and deliver their services. We also understand the nature and extent of their legal rights and obligations in their various roles as consent authority, regulatory body and strategic planning body.

We have a proven track record of providing legal advice both to councils and developers across a broad range of areas affecting council’s operations, drafting and preparing a broad range of commercial and property related contracts and agreements from deeds to bond section 94 contributions, environmental impact statements to joint venture agreements.

Speak to one of our lawyers at Lopich Lawyers if you need assistance with:

  • the use and management of community land,
  • the classification and reclassification of land,
  • the sale and lease of operational land and lease of community land;
  • the development of land;
  • issues relating to public roads, public reserves and crown land;
  • the compulsory acquisition of land;
  • public tendering and procurement;
  • approvals and orders (issuing and compliance);
  • the roles and responsibilities of the elected members of councils, the General Manager, public officer and senior council staff;
  • probity matters;
  • corporate governance and administrative issues; and more ….