The Covid-19 pandemic is not over and the threat of the pandemic raging out of control cannot be dismissed.  Notwithstanding the financial assistance provided by the Australian Government many landlords and many tenants are still struggling to come to terms with the nature and extent of the relief provided by the Retails and Other Commercial Leases (COVID-19) Regulation  2020 and its subsequent iterations (“the Regulations”).

Lessors and lessees alike are struggling to come to terms with how the National Cabinet Mandatory Code of Conduct and the Regulations operate and how they impact on the businesses conducted by those lessees.  The situation is no clearer in the most recent escalation of the spread of the Delta strain of the virus.

If you are someone who is caught in this dilemma then its not too late to speak to someone who can shed some light on the maze that many are still trying to navigate through.  Speak to us.  Call 1300 783 634 and get some answers.

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